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Doctor of Clinical Psychology

Dr. Mihai Fodoreanu is a native of Romania, and provides services in English and Romanian. Born and raised in Transylvania, educated in Europe and USA, Dr. Mihai is one of the few Romanian Doctor of Clinical Psychology in Southern California, providing extensive services with humility, compassion and humanity. Certified in various Evidenced Based Practices, Dr. Mihai delivers scientific interventions backed by extensive research on effectiveness.
Dr. Mihai understands the fast-paced world we live in and the limited amount of time available in our daily schedules, that is why Dr. Mihai provides community-based services where services are delivered to you instead of you driving to the office. Dr. Mihai can travel to a previously established location that is convenient to you so that the services are delivered in the comfort of your location. Dr. Mihai can also provide services via telephone.
Dr. Mihai graduated top of his class from California School of Professional Psychology and has won numerous awards validating his qualifications. Dr. Mihai is a lifetime member of Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology, and is specialized in Anxiety and Depressive disorders. Dr. Mihai is the developer and founder of Body Language Focused Therapy (BLFT), a new and innovative CBT treatment targeting and addressing mixed anxiety issues. 
Mental illness is not a choice, but recovery is!

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Rehabilitation Specialist
Dr. Mihai has undergone extensive training and practice in rehabilitation interventions, and is certified as a Rehabilitation Specialist as well as a CBT Therapist working on Substance Use Disorders.
Certified Clinical Supervisor
Dr. Mihai is certified in Competence-Based Supervision and Culturally-Competent Supervision and provides local and long-distance supervision and consultation services for other professionals.
Overview of Qualifications
Domestic Violence Counselor
Dr. Mihai provides highly effective culturally and linguistically competent services to the highest standard of practice for individuals, couples, families, other professionals, and organizations with a superior level of precision. Dr. Mihai is a trained hypnotherapist certified in CBT, TF-CBT, SST, DVC, CBCS, CCS, RSC, & RSP.
Dr. Mihai has received education, training and certification in Domestic Violence counseling, advocacy, and other engagements. He is able to assist with reduction of risk and increase of safety.
Make  your mental health  a priority!

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