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A poem by Dr. Mihai - Published in June, 2016​

Sometimes we might need to close our eyes in order to see.
Sometimes we might need to cover our ears in order to hear.
Sometimes we might need to distance ourselves in order to get closer.
Sometimes we might need to cry in order to laugh…

Sometimes we might need to lose in order to win.
Sometimes we might need to be lost in order to find our way.
Sometimes we might need to suffer in order to be happy.
Sometimes we might need to be confused in order to understand…

Sometimes we might need to fight and survive in order to be reborn.
Sometimes we might need to taste the bitter in order to appreciate the sweet.
Sometimes we might need to go through change in order to be renewed.
Sometimes we might need to feel nothing in order to experience love…

Sometimes… we might need to… in order to…
Is this really how it might truly be? Sometimes…
But we always keep going forward with hope!​​

Self-Administered Motivational Script​
Developed by Dr. Mihai - Published in June, 2016​
In this moment, I am aware and I know that I can reach my goals, and I can make my dreams come through. It is up to me. I am now focused and clear in what I want, and what I can do. I know now that it is not my fault. I now understand that I need balance between my emotions and my thoughts, and my entire life is what I make it be. I am taking action in realizing I am good, I am enough, and I am good enough.

I am free from all the blocks that kept me stuck in my fear, and I am ready to take action. I am taking action. I have hopes and dreams that I deserve and I know I will achieve, and I am no longer afraid. My fear is gone, as I am reading this, and I am courageous, strong and determined. I can do it. I will do it. I am doing it. Here, now, and from here on. I am decided and confident in my abilities, I am proud of my successes and myself. I am a success. I am reaching out and removing fear from my heart. I follow my own expectations, and not those that others have of me. I see now that I need to take care of me, please myself not others, and I will fulfill my needs. I act without fear. I am fearless. I respect myself, and I am important. I chose to drop anxiety in the trash, and embrace peace and happiness. I have the knowledge. I have the power. I am capable.

Right now, as I am reading this, I realize that I cannot control others, places or things. The only thing I can control is me. I am taking charge of my emotions, of my actions, and of my thoughts. I am happy and content. I validate myself, I accept myself and I trust in me. I believe in me. I am good. I am confident and strong, I am determined and relaxed, and I will stay strong in front of challenges, because I know I can handle anything that comes my way. I am optimistic about the future. I have hope and realize that I can make the right choices. I can decide for myself. I will decide for myself. I am deciding right now to let go of the repeated negative thoughts. I release the negative thoughts that I have, I let them go. I give them back to the people that gave them to me. I deserve better. I am better. I will talk positively with me, because I think highly of me. I will be ruled by my own kindness and compassion in being my own best friend. I have no fear! I know I am human. Humans make mistakes. Mistakes are OK. I am OK. If I make mistakes, that is OK, because I am OK. I am only human. I learn from my experiences. I develop my own character, and I build myself up. I trust my decisions and I know I am good. I can do it. I am doing it.

I understand that my own inner dialogue influences me, and I choose to replace my negative self-talk with positive self-talk, because I know that I am good. I know that somebody helped create those thoughts into my mind. They were not created by me alone. So I am creating my own messages. Positive messages to me, about me, for me. I am smart. I am enough. I am smart enough. I have the power and control over my thoughts and my emotions. I now see life is good. Life is positive. And I am good and positive. And I can choose where I go in life, and what I do with my life. I create my destiny. And I chose to create a positive successful and full of success life that I am proud of, because I am proud of myself. Happiness is within me, and I can access it at any time. Nothing can break me; nothing can scare me, because I know now that all I need to be happy is to allow myself to be happy by accepting myself. I will no longer listen to others, and I will no longer take other’s opinions face value. I will challenge negative messages, and replace them with positive ones. I will fight for my own serenity, because I know I am so very good, and I am proud of myself. I deserve goodness. I am goodness. I am my biggest fan. I am my own hero. I am free of guilt and shame, I am a responsible and compassionate person, and I value myself. I listen to myself because I love myself.  

I accept myself unconditionally right now, as I am reading this. I am taking risks, because I know I can master whatever comes my way, I feel complete and powerful. I do not have all the answers, and that is OK. I will find the answers. Because I will continue to stay curious, and open to new experiences. I am excited about the future, and I know that I can make it. I am calm and relaxed. I am at peace because I now know what a good person I am. I will stand fast and strong in front of challenges, and I will remain rational and in touch with myself and my inner goodness during stressful situations. I am in charge of my own life. I assume full responsibility for my own success, I drive my own life, and I chose to stay strong knowing that I have the ability to deal with the future. Today I accept myself just as I am. Because I know I am good enough, that I am capable, that I will succeed. I let go of the past, and focus on the here and now, and realize that I will fill my life with positivity and goodness.

My mind is quiet. My emotions are calm. My body is in sync with my emotions and my thoughts. As I think positive messages of myself, I feel energized and powerful, I am becoming more confident, and I realize how many resources I have inside me, and that I can overcome future challenges. I feel strong and positive. I am my best friend right now and from now on. I will no longer create my own anxiety, and I will not allow others to disturb my peace. I control what I think, and I control what I feel. I will not allow others to dictate my journey towards my own success. Life is great, and I am great in my life. I am the best thing that ever happened to me, and I accept myself, I respect myself, and I will teach others how to treat me. I am capable and lovable, and I know that my capacity to love starts here and now, and in this moment. I take these words, and save them inside my mind, as I will no longer treat myself with rejection. I am unique and​ special, and I will let the world know about this every day, by engaging in positive optimistic thoughts, behaviors and emotions that will empower me and enrich my life.

I am strong. I am capable. I am good enough. And it is not my fault. From here on, I am in charge of my happiness. And I will be happy. I am already happy. I feel so very good. I must be good. I am good. Yes, I know it is true! I promise this to myself. I am so very proud of me now. Welcome to the new me; refreshed, positive, energized, capable, determined, successful, stable, balanced, optimistic, creative, confident, strong, empowered, relaxed, renewed. What a wonderful life I will have from here on. What a wonderful life. What a wonderful me. I am! I can! I do! Now!